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The World Leader in Research-Based Media Industry Insights

Advertiser Perceptions is the global leader in research-based business intelligence for the advertising, marketing, and ad technology industries. Our expert staff delivers an unbiased, research-based view of the advertising market with analysis and solutions tailored to each of our client's specific KPIs and business objectives. These insights provide our industry with the guidance necessary for improving advertiser experience and satisfaction.

About The Ad Pros Community

Amplifying the Thoughts, Perceptions and Intentions of Key Advertisers

Only Advertiser Perceptions talks to YOU… the professionals who are actively making today's most important media brand selection decisions. Our Ad Pros Community has been in place for nearly 20 years and represents the perceptions and opinions of leading advertisers (and their agencies). Your feedback, input and direction supply our clients with a unique and valuable perspective of the advertising marketplace, where the opportunities are, where the obstacles are, and how the most successful companies are serving their advertisers.

Your Insights and Perceptions Help Shape the Media Industry

Joining our expert community is your opportunity to have direct impact on how the media brands you work with develop the best advertising products and provide the outstanding service you demand. Your opinions matter, and your voice will be heard. Tell us what you think and what you know, what you love and what you hope could be changed. Who does it right? Who does it wrong? What do you suggest to make it all better?


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